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I want to think of myself as a dreamer, someone who wishes the best for everyone she knows. However, without conflict, we wouldn't have stories to share or characters to describe. So I collect my dreams, mix them with everyday problems, and end up with a book that I hope my readers will enjoy.

As for my personal information, I'm a mom of three grown children, but feel as if I'm still a teenager at times. My husband, kids, and all our pets live with me in the very cold state of Wisconsin. And yes, I'm a cheesehead. Go Pack Go!

I also write as the following, all listed in SweetTaleBooks.com:

Markee Anderson--Romance Writer
Andie Alexander--Mystery and Adventure Writer
Eryn Grace--Christian Romance Writer
Paige Ryter--Sci-fi/Paranormal/Adventure Writer

Feel free to email me at kyramyles (at symbol) gmail.com. I love to hear from my fans!


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